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As one of the nations most reputable names in window coverings, Liz Davis is thrilled to be representing Graber Blinds!


Ingenuity and Integrity in Window Treatments Since 1939

It was 1939 when John Graber invented what would become the very first example of Graber craftsmanship. After installing Venetian blinds in his home in Middleton, Wisconsin, he realized his drapes looked oddly unbalanced. He went on to create a sturdy metal bracket that he called the Badger Drapery Crane, named after the animal that symbolizes his home state. Through his innovation and insight, Graber elevated the standards for window treatments. His helpful device, realized with quality materials and good old-fashioned know-how, made its way throughout the Midwest, and eventually all over the world. More than eight decades later, you can find John Graber’s spirit of ingenuity and craftsmanship in every Graber window treatment. 

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